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This lock needs some work

Often customers will bring in old mortise locks to be cleaned and refurbished.  This one was brought in to us for a little TLC. From missing parts to broken springs and years of dirt built up inside, it had most definitely seen better days.  Once I cleaned away some of the dirt and rust I could see that it was a good candidate for rebuilding, even with the missing parts.

Between the spider webs and hundred year old dust I could see the potential this lock holds. I could also see a broken thumb latch return spring, a broken hub spring & a missing latch! The lockset also needed a new spindle, knob & key.

After finding the necessary replacement parts, I disassembled the entire lock and hand cleaned every piece. After a good cleaning, I polished the cylinder face, trim ring, latch, bolt, stop buttons & face plate until they looked brand new!

Then comes the fun part: reassembling. Sometimes it can be tricky to get these buggers back together but fortunately I snapped a picture before disassembling which helped me to reassemble the lock.

In the end the cleaned and refurbished lock looked like this:

Cleaned and refurbishedNotice the new latch and new springs? Details like that might not jump out to the average eye but to a locksmith it’s obvious! 😉

Looking good cleaned & refurbishedThe cleaned and refurbished lock hardware turned out very nice.  This is the only part of the lock body that shows once the lock is installed. Look at it shine!

Almost doneThis cleaned up nicelyWith the knob and cylinder installed I am able to test the lock and make sure everything is in good working order..

Everything works great so it’s back home you go! Maybe we’ll meet again in 50 years. Cheers. 🙂







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