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We’ve been identifying organizing and hanging keys for about a week now. Marie and Paul are far better at identifying keys than I am, I suppose it comes with time. The 25th anniversary of Paul’s Lock and Safe is coming next year but he’s been in the business much longer than that.  He is a third generation locksmith after all. Marie has been a locksmith for about 25 years now, but not working with Paul the whole time. I’ve been working with them since September of 2014, just over a year.

It’s no surprise they are able to identify keys in the blink of an eye while I sit and scratch my head. I’m improving though, getting better all the time! I know I’ll never be able to immediately identify 100% of the keys I see because even Paul & Marie still get stumped every once in awhile. There are so many different kinds of keys, and then there are keys that look the same but are for different keyways so they’re actually not the same. It depends on which way you look at them. It makes them difficult to identify at times.  A lot of the time companies use the same shape for the head of all of their particular key blanks.  That helps with the identification process.

Quite often a customer will need a key made that we just cannot find.  That’s when we turn to a valuable resource we came across many years ago.  Blue Dog Keys in Florida.  https://www.bluedogkeys.com/ Usually all we have to do is send a pic of both sides of the key to Phil and he can identify it, let me know if he has it and if so, ship it out to me.

Well, if you need us, we’ll be here identifying organizing and hanging keys.

keys keys keys.

keys for days.

Organizing keys



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