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Working as a locksmith on antique locks and keys in an old town can be very interesting. Some places want the most modern locks possible but many have locks original to the town. Newport, RI was founded in 1639, so more than half the locks I open have ancient spiderwebs in them and they always leave me wondering..

How many people have opened this door?

How many spiders have lived here?

I wonder how many locksmiths have opened and serviced this hundred year old cast iron box we’ve come to know as a mortise lock?

The antique locks mechanism itself is amazing. To think someone sat down and invented this series of pieces that work together oh so perfectly to secure someones home, family and valuables.  It is truly astonishing. And for me to ever get the privilege to open and service it is amazing. It makes me hope that someone else opens it in another hundred years.  But will they wonder about me, or any previous locksmith? Maybe I’ll start leaving secret notes for future locksmiths to see. Just a thought.

Antique keys



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