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Antique mortise lock before cleaning and restoration.           

Antique lock before restoration

Antique lock after restoration







                                                                                                                                Antique lock after view.

Do you have an Antique lock that is broken?

Original Antique mortise locks range from being 70 to 130 years old.  They develop unique problems over time from every day wear and tear.  Due to poor maintenance or weather related issues they will occasionally fail.

Most of those issues can be resolved quickly at a relatively low cost.  Restoring them can sometimes be a challenge.  They have many moving parts and springs, most of which have to be fabricated by hand in order to bring the lock back to it’s original state.

The Gilded Age

Many of the homes in our area have the original locks which were often custom made and specifically designed.  Bellevue Avenue and Ocean Drive are lined with mansions from ‘The Gilded Age’ and most have the original locks and hardware.

We often work with the local Preservation Society and Restoration Foundation in order to maintain the locks and hardware on many of them. http://www.newportmansions.org/explore  

Sometimes the original hardware has to be replaced.  The internet is a valuable resource for researching and finding old locks.

Custom vintage door knobs, levers and escutcheon plates that closely match those from the past are manufactured by many companies, but they can be expensive.

https://www.nostalgicwarehouse.com/ has a nice selection.  As does Baldwin and Rocky Mountain.

Customers often opt for throwing out their old locks and buying new because they don’t know they can be repaired.  Our preference is to save them and restore to original beauty and function.


Paul has over 30 years of experience in the industry.  He is very adept at not only restoring and repairing the lock itself, but in fabricating escutcheon plates, keys and trim to look as the original did back in the gilded age.

Locks and trim are often brought to us covered in layers of paint, most of which is lead based.  We use the utmost in safety measures for our employee’s.  It is extremely gratifying to take a lock or escutcheon plate thickly coated with paint and gently buff it out only to find a beautiful bronze or brass finish underneath.


This antique mortise lock was shipped to us from KY for restoration and repair. Other than missing some springs and being a bit rusty it’s condition was good. The customer requested replacement springs and a key fitted if possible.



Refurbished Mortise Lock